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Never Learn
I don't think I'll ever learn when it comes to love. Four years since my last post, and I still have the same problem. Sigh.

.: LifeHasBegun:.
- Sabar dan Tabah

Laila Bertabahlah. You can do it!! You are the strongest!

after midnight

God do I know how much it will cost me in emotional crushes?! Getting my hair in a tizz over some imagined (or real) upset just leaves me so alone! I don't mean 'alone'... I mean alone in a different way... darling, there's just no one else I'd rather talk to/with than you! So in effecting a hissy-fit, I am essentially cutting myself in two. I don't know if that is an adequate definition or description really - probably not. Love and it's bruises... You can't just stop loving someone who you adore dearly; passionately, and longingly! You can act all put out - and I do that very well; but beneath the surface lies a lonely heart, and one that aches...Moving on ~ I must do that (move on) otherwise the entire message will be nothing but pathos; wallowing in it's depths may or may not prove edifiying certainly one must-needs talk it out to some degree (because I can) yet I don't wish to allow it to take over entirely; you understand?! I feel sure you do!Now - I've taken due note of... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Thursday, July 31, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, confirmation of CIA law breaking emerges, the White House meets with people concerned about the fate of Iraqi Christians, and much more. In the United States, more abuses of power as the CIA's tactics and lies get called out. Senator Mark Udall's office issued the following today: Following a classified briefing on an inspector general report detailing the CIA's unauthorized intrusion into U.S. Senate staffers' computers, Mark Udall, who serves on the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, issued the following statement calling for CIA Director John Brennan's resignation: "After being briefed on the CIA Inspector General report today, I have no choice but to call for the resignation of CIA Director John Brennan. The CIA unconstitutionally spied on Congress by hacking into Senate Intelligence Committee computers. This grave misconduct not only is... (more)

Wedding Dresses
Wear outstanding
formal dress at holiday parties

While speak of party, how can you don’t have attractive party dresses? However, you must also spend a lot of money one shopping everything gifts. It appears to become a hard time for the wallet. Which means you really should think carefully about your holiday party dresses. For a party, In my opinion you definitely wish to be outstanding. Here we have the issue ��" how? Personally, if I am likely to attend a party, I'll choose the short or mini length skirt. This is actually the show time, I don’t wish to cover my figure line. And short dress is lively and vivid. Also the comfortable feeling should also be considered. You can’t benefit from the party if you don’t feel comfortable. Would you agree? So the fabric you choose is also important. I think nice silk and chiffon or satin materials are wonderful choices. Here we've more details about Sweetheart Formal Dresses , like neckline or sleeves. For sleeve choice, who can resist the charms of... (more)

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